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44/ Yixing gifs: this song wasn’t meant to be cute mister



Kang: Today we have a ‘father and daughter’ fan for our studio. Welcome! 

Fan: I was a fan from 10 years ago, and I even managed to get my Dad to become a Cassiopeia. 

MC: (To the father) Are you really a fan?

Father: Yes, I’m really fond of Yunho, and I actually became a fan of him after watching last year’s concert. 

Kang: Which stage did you enjoy the most?

Father: Rising Sun.

Fan: Once, I was watching a TVXQ DVD when suddenly, I heard loud footsteps approaching. It was my Dad, who began to dance crazily to the music. It was really funny, but I then knew that my Dad really likes TVXQ.

Kang: Did you really dance like that in front of your daughter?

Father: I forgot my daughter’s presence for a moment. 

Yunho: Just now, I realized that her Dad was giving me the looks as if I was his son-in-law. At first I was just staring, but I soon became very humble in front of him.

Kang: Let’s welcome a rare male fan! 

Fan: I became a fan after being dragged to his performance by my girlfriend. 

Kyungho: That’s really hard to be so.

Kang: Why is it so hard?

Kyungho: Because normally the males are forced to watch (our) performances. Its really hard to be attracted to the same gender.Weren’t you forced?

Fan: Yes, I was. At first, I was attracted to female groups like SES and Kara. After seeing one of TVXQ’s performances, I thought it was really cool. You know like, Yunho makes really impressive apperances. That charismatic aura captured me. I wondered, “What have I seen so far? This is what people call a ‘real’ performance. “

Kang: What a great compliment! Yunho, wil you just sit there and just watch, or stand up and show some of your amazing moves?

Yunho: Should I look here?

Kang: You don’t need mind about things like that. You’re a precious star who can just do sloppy moves. 

Yunho: I’ll dance with all my might. 

[After dancing]

Yunho: When the music came out, I was so obsessed with my dancing that I unconciously danced the ‘American (Sexy) Dance’. While I was dancing, I suddenly felt a really piercing gaze on me. I looked back, and I realized that it was her(fan)’s Dad staring at me. I smiled during the dance because I was a bit embarrassed at that. 

I apologize for the rough translation. Best I could do! ;)


jongin’s unnecessary chen!hyung touching (。◕‿◕。)

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140722 - Ti Amo TVXQ Photobook

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Yunho as Moosuk >.<

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